Welcome to Rasofi! 

We want to make our expertise and time available for your company to drive mutual growth. 

How we work

1. We want to provide services that have: clear and practical benefits for our partners;

2. We want to save the entrepreneurs time by taking over the routines

3. We want to bring in additional sales when it is most needed

4. Above all, we want to help companies to become more efficient in different areas of their business. 


This is possible when we take over your current tasks, so that we can get into your business in concrete terms and find areas for development, for example through digitalisation and automation.

We also offer our help for strategy work, especially when the goal is to conquer new markets; we create the necessary marketing materials and introduce your company to potential customers. 

We can also design, produce and maintain websites or online stores, including hosting. Through us, you can get high-quality and converting webpages for the company or optimize the old ones, as we also know how to optimize for search engine visibility. 

In addition, we are experts in utilizing electronic marketing channels, so in practice you no longer need another partner with digital advertising!


Design and implementation of websites or online stores, implementation of the online store. Automation of marketing and sales and implementation of crm systems.


Marketing plans and strategies, advertising campaigns. Key word optimization and service formatting.

Sales and customer service  

Contacting new and existing customers by phone and email. Sales efficiency and reporting. 

strategic management 

Value proposition analyses and business model development. Competition strategies and market positioning 

Business efficiency 

Development of storage; abc classification of inventory products, order limits for products, shelf markings and inventories. Pricing and margin calculation. Hourly accounting and calculation of labour productivity. Efficiency indicators.

administrative services

Tracking sales and receivables, monitoring efficiency, checking purchase invoices, reports to the general ledger. Sales automation and the deployment of crm systems. Small business HR tasks.

Are you ready to develop your business and grow?

Contact us by e-mail right away and we will respond to discuss your needs in more detail. 


Below are a few practical examples of our work. 

Konepalvelu Lammi is our long-term partner. 

We have helped with e.g. corporate image and digital visibility, developed storage and administration, and taken over daily administrative tasks from sales invoicing to inventory postings. 

We do inventories and help with payroll, among other things.

We make new customer acquisitions for Hopea-Puro and help manage existing customer relationships and make additional sales. 

Together, we develop sales processes and monitor sales results, and map new opportunities. We carry out digital advertising that generates leads, maintaining and developing our online store. 

We also carried out an e-commerce translation etc.

We helped shape Tehos' services into easy-to-sell entities and describe them on websites in a search engine-optimized way. 

We did an SEO plan and a search term study. We also optimized existing articles and made technical SEO optimization for the website. 

Together, we monitor the results of search engine optimization on a weekly basis and help maintain the website, as well as ptimote new articles when needed.

We implemented B2B and B2C functionality for Adeliina's existing online store. 

We conducted a search term survey and a SEO plan, and optimized the content according to the agreed number of hours on a monthly basis.

We also opened FB and Instagram stores for Adeliina and created advertising campaigns whose effectiveness we monitor.

We also implemented B2B and B2C functionality for the existing online store. 

We conducted a search term survey and a SEO plan, and optimized the content according to the agreed number of hours on a monthly basis.

We also opened FB and Instagram stores for The Magic Shop.

Our handwriting Raskaanosat.fi the multi-retailer's sales channel includes business model testing, trial marketing, visual appearance, and the implementation and maintenance of the online store itself. 

In addition to the marketplace, the model is also well suited as a joint sales channel for the chain, for example.

Putsinki is an example of "Instant Branding". Corporate look, logo, websites and service descriptions per day. 

Domain, controls, emails, Google analytics, metadata, etc. fine-tuning on the second day. 

In addition, other service descriptions and business planning.

We implemented a one-page landing page for the wp-isäntä.fi hosting service and formatted the service. 

The WP host provides hosting services for WordPress pages. 

The service is aimed at developers and marketing agencies to make it easier for customers to manage their pages, and to speed up the process of publishing wordpress pages.

We ran a Pakuun.fi campaign page. Pakuun.fi is a page for selling van accessories. 

The van is sold, for example, by refrigeration equipment, insulation / panelling kits and an installation to convert the van to suit food or medicine transport, for example.

Our team members 

May we introduce, the professionals of Rasofi Oy.


Partner & Sales Director 

Tiina Ristilä 

I can contact current and potential customers for you, design a working sales pipeline using different electronic channels and introduce a sales CRM system for your company.

You will also receive reports on sales efficiency and feedback from contacts.

I can also conduct vital customer satisfaction surveys for you.

Partner & CEO  

Antti-Pekka Ristilä 

My goal is to work long-term with our partners in a mutually beneficial way.

Services: website or online store design, implementation and maintenance tasks, digital marketing planning, implementation and monitoring, keyword studies, content plans and optimization, service design, business development tasks and online store conversion optimization (CRO).

Partner & International Business Director 

Yevgeniya Zhdanova 

I can help you create brochures, logos, and business catalogs, establish new networks, conduct marketing analysis, develop a business model, communicate with potential clients, and explore industry sectors. I can design marketing materials, conduct marketing, strategic industry, and value proposition analyses. I will assist you in entering new markets by providing translations (En, Ru, Es) and developing business relations in CIS countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan).

Executive assistant

Paula Pohjonen

On your behalf, I will handle the administrative tasks of the warehouse, such as inventory management and price updates.

I van scan invoices for accounting and/or make accounting to your accounting program.

I will also help with other administrative tasks as needed, or I will lead, for example, a successful inventory.

Our clients.

These companies also rely on our services and expertise.

Are you ready to join us? 

Contact us by email immediately and we will discuss your needs.